What Are Video Resumes And Why You Should Create One


When you are trying to get a job and want to make a great first impression, you should use anything and everything at your disposal to improve your chances at standing out to a recruiter. You can accomplish this by providing excellent references, background information, and other means. However, one of the best ways to demonstrate what you stand for is often one of the most overlooked: video resumes.

What exactly is a video resume?

Still, traditional paper resumes are preferred, but videos can make a lasting impression that a traditional resume cannot. We are not suggesting that you only use videos. A traditional resume remains the main component of your ability to land a new job. However, including video with your resume will make what you've written on paper more credible, and it you can also provide information in your video that isn't normally included on a resume. Follow the elements to be included in a good video resume from below:

  • Your introduction.
  • Discuss your abilities and education.
  • Explain why you'd like to work for the company.
  • Discuss previous work experiences.
  • Provide contact information.

By incorporating all of these elements, you can create a type of video resume that will bring your paper resume to life, increase your credibility with potential employers, state your purpose, and address why former employers liked your work. In essence, it will allow you to communicate directly with employers as if you were there in person, giving them the impression that you are more direct in your approach.

Importance of marketing yourself through video

Businesses understand the value of using video in their advertising strategies today, and the same holds for video resumes. The number one reason shoppers convert to sales online today is because of videos they watch while searching for information; you can use the same strategy for your job search. Also, keep in mind that once you complete creating your video resume, you can upload it to YouTube, which has over 500 million views and searches per month! By doing this, it expands your market. If properly marketed, you can use specific YouTube keywords and search terms to significantly increase your chances of landing a job through this channel. Video is powerful, regardless of the message you're trying to convey, and this is true for online resumes as well.

Here are a few things to avoid while making a video resume:

  • Off-topic topics or other verbal content that is not relevant to the job or your qualifications.
  • Poor production values, such as poor lighting and shaky camera work.
  • There is little or no eye contact or interaction with the camera.
  • Excessive movement of the hands or the body.
  • Clothes or other distracting or random items strewn across the background.
  • Children, other family members, or pets coming and going from the room.
  • Distracting background noises (or at least those within your control).

But, aside from ensuring that you look good on camera, what else should you consider before creating your video resume?

Maintaining Your Professionalism

When appearing in front of the camera, you must maintain the same level of professionalism that you would in person. So, look at the part, dress, and, most importantly, act the part. It's a good idea to dress professionally and be well-groomed, just as if you were sitting across from a prospective boss.

Be Informative

While you may want to read from your resume, viewers of your video will expect more. Assume your area of expertise is marketing. Before you record your video, do some research to learn something new that your peers in the industry — and hiring managers — will find interesting. By providing additional content, you are putting yourself ahead of the competition.

Be Appealing (but don't go overboard)

Making a video resume allows you to expand on all of your previous accomplishments and accolades. You can be conversational in a video but, avoid bragging. List your achievements modestly and let them speak for themselves.

Consider your options

Uploading a large file (or even attempting to send it via email to a potential boss) will cause issues. If possible, use an HD camera or a smartphone to achieve high-quality video output, and keep your video under one minute in length. That way, the file size will be manageable if you need to email it along with other job applications.

Get Creative

Staying professional in your video does not preclude you from incorporating some style. Though it is not always necessary, you can trim some parts of the video and add special effects such as fade-outs, transitions, and title cards.

Why Do Some Employers Prefer Video Resumes?

From an employer's perspective, a video resume, like a traditional print or online resume, may allow job candidates to present themselves in their best light. In this visual age, employers may view video resumes as a quick way to weed out applicants. Hiring managers can use a visual platform to observe, listen, learn, and make decisions.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Resumes

A video resume may not be the best option for everyone in every situation. So, what are the strengths and weaknesses of video resumes?

Video Resume Pros

For starters, a video resume allows you to maintain control of the narrative. For example, if you have an employment gap on your resume, explaining it on a one- to two-page resume is a hindrance. However, with a video resume, you have more room to explain the employment gap, making it easier to provide context and meaning.

Second, you can incorporate the video resume into your website or LinkedIn profile. And allows prospective employers to get to know another side of you before an interview.

Finally, the majority of applicants do not use them. Using a video resume allows you to demonstrate that you are technologically savvy and well-versed in the most up-to-date methods of applying for jobs.

Video Resume Cons

But, before you buy a ring light and a tripod, keep in mind that video resumes have some drawbacks.

One of the potential concerns is that a candidate who commits their image to a video resume may raise bias issues if they get rejected in favor of a different gender, race, or physical ability.

In addition, do not over-embellish your career highlights simply because you are on video.

Video replicates the interview

Another reason why using video as a resume supplement stimulates the interview process. Employers can see you in person rather than just reading your resume on paper, which increases the reality of the situation. Furthermore, having a video resume allows you to film some of the activities you participated in at previous jobs, giving employers a first-hand look at what you did, if this is available. It's entirely up to you how you do the video resume.

Determine the style to be used

If you're confused about what type of video resume to make, think about what message you want to convey and how you want to present yourself. If you believe that simply discussing your background and speaking is sufficient, you can create a talking-head video and include examples from previous work experiences. If you do not have video footage of your workday from previous jobs, you could capture it by scanning copies of some of the work you have done. The goal is to capture the essence of what you did. Another option is to conduct interviews. If you can go back to your former employer and ask them to make a brief statement about you (as long as it is positive), this would be an excellent way to communicate your capabilities to a new potential employer.

Final Thoughts

Creating a video resume is a cutting-edge method of finding work. It demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking individual who understands technology and is up to date (or even ahead of) trends. A video resume may not be suitable for everyone or in every situation, but in some cases, it can help a hiring manager remember you and why you're the best person for the job.

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