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Gone are those times when candidates had to walk around with copies of their resumes from office to office looking for opportunities and interviews. In this modern world, we have a lot of job portals that have made the already difficult task of job hunting much easier. With recruiters posting constantly on online job portals, job hunting has been made easier and accessible by the below-mentioned job portals.

Job seekers, don’t waste your time by exploring, simply upload your resumes and apply for jobs in the below-mentioned top 8 job-seeking platforms of 2021.

  1. ClipHire - One of its kind, the platform apart from allowing you to upload your resumes, enables people to additionally create and share an introductory video with recruiters for whatever job you’re applying for. Apart from that, you can also share your calendars and references with prospective recruiters. Research has shown that 70% of recruiting leaders would be more inclined to interview a candidate for a position if the candidate provided a video introduction along with their resume when they applied for a job. Thus, with ClipHire’s video introduction feature, you can tell your story and reveal yourself beyond your resume. You also get a link to your complete profile to share with the recruiters.

  2. Indeed - The powerful platform not only shows employer-posted jobs but also posts job openings from company career pages and other openings across the web. The platform also allows seeing specific local and global positions. Apart from hosting almost 150 million resumes, the site claims to add 10 new openings every second. Job seekers can use their free resume builder tool and get career-related information on their blogs. Apart from that, Indeed tops the charts in job opportunities compared to other platforms. You can also create job alerts to get notifications on email every time a new opening that suits your profile is posted.

  3. Naukri - The platform was launched in 1997 making it one of the oldest portals in India. The free platform is daily updated with new job openings. Recently, the platform has started the “Naukri FastForward Services”, which are paid. The services include resume writing under expert supervision. Experts help you create resumes spotlighting your core strengths and skills. This helps your resume stand out and catch the eyes of recruiters. Apart from that, you can also create visual resumes to make an impression on the recruiters. The paid service also helps you gain better and faster visibility, connect with recruiters, and show your application on top.

  4. Timesjob - Managed by the Times Group, the platform has 25 million registered users and job openings from a vast variety of industries. The key reason the platform stands out is its feature that recommends companies and jobs based on your profile. This helps you apply for openings where you have higher chances of selection. This not only saves you time and effort but also enables you to apply for the right roles that suit your skills. Apart from that, the portal also has a dedicated section for government jobs. It also has a dedicated section for IT jobs on a separate website, namely

  5. Robert Half - The platform houses millions of remote, on-site, and hybrid job openings from companies associated with them. The portal also houses job listings that are exclusive and not available on other job portals. Their free service includes uploading your resume, applying for full-time, temporary positions or internships, and job alerts on new job opportunities. Their service “Robert Half Direct” allows employers to find you directly through your profile visibility. Apart from that, the platform has a career blog page focusing on job landing tips and other career development information, a vast library of research work in work trends, and salary guides of various positions.

  6. LinkedIn - LinkedIn is not only a powerful job application portal but also serves as a power feed of information and data. It can be referred to as an intellectual version of social media applications. Apart from applying for jobs listed by recruiters, you can also communicate with your network or connections to benefit. Additionally, you can also visit the LinkedIn pages of your top preferred companies and apply for openings listed in their “Jobs” section. Your Linkedin profile serves both as your resume and professional blog, which helps the recruiter to know and access you better. You can share your career-related viewpoints, inspirational thoughts, positive posts, and other useful information, fun or knowledgeable information on your LinkedIn feed. This increases your chances of getting placed. Moreover, LinkedIn has a lot of paid services that allow your profile to rank better and allows you to access LinkedIn’s vast library of online courses and videos.

  7. Monster - Being the first most highlighted job searching portal, was amongst the first commercial job applications websites. After you upload your resume, the website scores your interests and skills and shows you roles where you are a potential fit. Additional services include networking boards, resume reviews, mobile app, and company profiles. The site also works as an informational platform where they have an extensive blog section filled with tips regarding jobs and interviews. Job seekers can also search, filter, and narrow down their search as per their query. The platform also offers several resume uploading services like “Xtreme Resume” service to help you look for jobs in a particular area, “Right Resume” which offers tips as per your level, and “Career Booster” that is a combination of the above-mentioned resume services.

  8. Glassdoor - Glassdoor stands out amongst all the job portals with its feature that allows people to rate companies, post reviews, and share info about salaries, benefits, and other company insights. Job seekers can find information about companies that they wouldn’t otherwise know. Apart from that, job seekers can also read interview information from people who have already interviewed with a specific company. With the information provided on the site, you can benefit while applying for jobs and shortlisting companies. Moreover, the platform also allows recruiters to market their companies and identify candidates.

Job seekers, we understand applying for the right jobs using the right platforms can be a strenuous task but the mentioned platforms rank top in the charts and should be properly assessed to easily land a good job.

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