Supercharge Your Job Search During The Holidays

Peter Eterno, November 15th, 2021

The holiday season could be a stressful time for a lot of reasons. People traveling across the country to be with their families, spending money on gifts for their loved ones, and for some, it may also mean being on the prowel for their next career move. Even though the winter and holiday season may not be the most ideal time for applying to jobs, here are some tips on what you can do to be praoctive to set yourself up for a successful job search in 2022.

1. Take Advantage of The Lack of Applicants

As stated above, a lot of people are taking time off during the winter and holiday season, but hiring never sleeps, and neither does a company's growth. So instead of throwing your hands up and assuming that you're not going to hear anything back from a company because the holidays are around the corner, use the lack of applicant volume to your advantage so your resume is at the top of the list!

2. Get Ahead of The Game During Your Time Off

If you're in the market for a new job during the holidays, you can do 1 of 2 things during your time off. You can kick your feet up, relax, and think about what your next move is going to be for your career, OR you can take action. I'm not reccommending spending all day during your time off to look for a new job. Your PTO is for relaxing, however, blocking off 1-2 hours a day to apply to jobs will put you ahead of other job seekers who aren't being efficient with their time!

3. Network with HR Professionals

Make sure that you are getting your name and face infront of as many HR professionals as possible. Q4 is usually when HR departments figure out what their hiring outlook is going to be for the new year. Recruiters will typically start posting their job postings now for the positions that they are hiring for at the beginning of Q1. When you're applying to jobs that you're seeing, make sure you're connecting with members of that company's HR team on platforms like LinkedIn and/or sending out holiday messages to make a good impression on them so you're top of mind for when they're considering candidates.

4. Get Creative

Use your holiday cheer to your advantage. In 2021, there is basically no excuse at this point for you to not think outside of the box and figure out a way for you to stand out to recruiters. Using a platform like ClipHire allows you to make sure that you're covering all your bases and that you're giving recruiters EVERYTHING they need on you. This is especially important when applying to jobs during the winter and holiday season because you want to be at the top of every recriuter's mind when they resume their hiring in January.

5. Consider Volunteer Work

The holiday season is a great time of the year to give back to the community. Many charitable events are ramping up their fundraisers or events where extra help is needed. This will also help you meet new people to network and it looks great to put on your resume to show that you're an active volunteer in your community!

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