Getting Started With ClipHire

ClipHire, June 27th, 2021

ClipHire is a personalized employment platform that enables employers to see you as a unique candidate outside your work experience. This platform helps to create a rejection-proof video to present yourself with your best attributes as a shareable visual resume.

ClipHire is a one-stop platform for job seekers where you can:

  • Make a short video to prove who you are outside of your resume.

  • Share your customized link to your resume on or off the site so that everyone can see your profile and video introduction.

  • Verify your listed references by the person via email.

  • Integrate your calendars with your profile so that the hiring manager can set up an interview without having to leave your profile.

What can you do with ClipHire?

  • Set up an account.
  • Create resume.
  • Share with recruiters

Procedure to get started with ClipHire

1. Create a ClipHire Account

If you don’t have a ClipHire account, you can sign up here. Next, enter your name, email address and password.

Then, click the I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox and sign up. You can also sign up through your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn login.

2. Confirm your ClipHire Account

Open your email and open the email from ClipHire.

Click the “Verify Email” button in the mail.

A new window will open to say Thank you! Your email is successfully verified. You can now log in to ClipHire.

3. Build a Resume On ClipHire

  • Upload Your Profile Photo.
  • Upload your resume and additional documents.
  • Upload your introductory video - If you do not have a pre-recorded video, you can record your video directly by clicking record your answer button.

You can skip this step and can manually edit your profile in each column by clicking the Edit Profile button on the right top.

General elements - Name, Title, Email, Phone Number, City, State, Country, Search Skill, Industry, Veteran Status, Ethnicity, Gender, Intro

Work elements -

Experience - Year and months Job - Job Title, Organization, Location, Type, From, To, Job Description You can add more job titles by clicking +Add more References - Name, Title, Email, Organization Click Send and Add More Salary - Expected Salary, Availability

- Education elements:

Education - Degree, Institution, From, To, Description You can add more qualifications by clicking +Add more Documents - Name, Upload certification

Social elements - Calendar link, Primary Website/Portfolio Link, Secondary Website/Portfolio Link, Secondary Website/Portfolio Link, LinkedIn, Behance, Dribbble, Github

4. Refer a Friend

You can also share information about ClipHire by clicking the Refer a Friend button on the left top.

5. Share your Profile

You can share your profile by clicking the eye-shaped button on the right top.

Greetings! Your user account is all set. You'll have to enter your email address and password every time you log in from now on.

Follow these steps to get started with ClipHire. You can sign up for free here. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

Wishing you luck in your job search!

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