Do's And Don'ts of Getting Noticed When Applying To Jobs


Looking for a new job isn't an easy process. It may feel like an endless process when applying to roles, waiting for calls, following up, and applying for more jobs. With the world being competitive, each candidate is trying to stand out from the crowd. But, in the process, a lot of job seekers don’t know or adhere to the dos and don’ts of the job application process.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts will not only put you on a higher pedestal but also increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are 10 tips to get noticed in the crowded job marketplace

1. Don’t use the same cover letter.

Although your resume will be the same throughout the job application process your cover letter cannot be the same for every position. It is important to customize your cover letter for every job applied. It may be a time-consuming process, but believe us the effort won’t go wasted. Using a standard cover letter may imply your unwillingness towards putting in some extra effort. This will leave an impression of laziness or unwillingness to go an extra mile for the company in the mind of the recruiter. This will make your chances of getting shortlisted extremely low. Moreover, avoid using “Dear Sir/Madam” and always address the cover letter to the person concerned.

2. Do show your eagerness to work for them.

Show the recruiter what it is that you are applying for and what makes you a great fit for the company. During the application process, show them what makes the role a great fit for you and vice versa. Remember, the recruiters don’t want you, rather you want them. Focus on conveying why the company is special to you. Tip: Focus less on why you want to leave your current job and more on why the role you are applying for fits you.

3. Do focus on showcasing your qualities.

Yes, the employer has already read your qualities and core areas in your resume and cover letter. But, by qualities, we don’t mean your zest for hard work, love for teamwork, leadership qualities, and motivated attitude. During the interview process, ensure you convey the qualities that are relevant to the job role. Give the employer examples of work done that fits the role applied for. This will prove you have expertise in their open position. Also, don’t forget to emphasize the errors committed by you and how you worked towards fixing them.

4. Do apply with an updated resume.

Applying with a short and crisp resume will enable the recruiter to focus on your key qualifications, skills, educational qualifications, and work experience, but restricting yourself to the same old-fashioned resume will not increase your hiring chances. Most recruiters want to see beyond the above-mentioned criteria. You can show the hiring manager a glimpse of yourself by adding links to your blogs, websites, social media accounts, or other relevant mediums. This makes the recruiter analyze you beyond your listed skills, thus adding brownie points to your bag.

5. Do remember to follow up.

Most job seekers tend to forget to follow up on the status of their job applications. It is normal for recruiters to take time to revert, but it is always advisable to follow up with them. Keeping a tab with them will show you as an eager and interested candidate. This will boost your chances of getting shortlisted and help you stand apart from the rest of the candidates. Always follow up through professional emails addressed to the recruiter. Tip: Don’t send continuous follow-up emails.

6. Don’t apply for jobs external to your skillset.

High-level job titles and lucrative salaries are exciting, but applying for such roles that don’t fit your skillset will decrease your hiring chances. You shouldn’t expect to land in a CEO-level role in the first go. While searching for jobs, follow a realistic approach. Apply for positions that fit your experience level, qualifications, and skills. This will help you focus on openings where you have a chance of getting hired. Moreover, this will also save your time and energy. Moreover, apply for jobs where your talent will be utilized.

7. Don’t use the shotgun approach.

Don’t apply for several job openings in the same company. Most people commit the mistake of applying for several positions in their favorite company/companies at the same time. This may look tempting, but applying for one most suitable role fitting into your skill set will increase your hiring chances. If multiple openings interest you, read the job description of each role and apply for one position that suits your profile. Remember, applying for the right job roles rather than applying for a lot of jobs is the key to landing an opportunity.

8. Do save the job details

It is always advisable to bookmark the job details on your computer. Even if the opening is removed from online portals, you have all the details saved. This will help you for the interview if shortlisted. You may seem like an uninterested candidate if you don’t know the job requirements. Tip: If you fail to save the details, always ask the recruiter to mail you the job description before the scheduled interview.

9. Do utilize your network

It is advisable to use your network to successfully land a job. Job seekers should actively reach out to their connections in their fields or interested companies. Referrals from employees give you a better chance of getting hired in the industry of your interest.

10. Don’t stick to one answer

During your interview, avoid using one example or answer to show your suitability for the job role. Before the interview, think about all the work done by you, projects, initiatives taken, crisis management, and other relevant information that you can convey as examples to prove your candidature. Give them examples to show your contributions matching the job applied.

Not knowing what to do and what not to do will only make applying for jobs hard and a slow process. The above-mentioned rules will help you apply for the right roles and also shape your approach towards the complete job hunting process.

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